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250.00 AED

We redesigned this iconic ultralight model to make it even more comfortable, fitted and functional, its new structure and technical details take the BOSS to another level, and we are sure you will love them.

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Backhand: Neoprene in one piece with high frequency embossments and anti-skid gel details in the main impact zones. Rubber inserts placed on the fingertips provides body to the area for a better feeling.

Cut: Hybrid, it is an Ergoroll with negative closing to achieve an excellent fitting in the interior for a greater sense of security and greater control over the ball. The Active Cell Zone between the fingers has been replaced by natural latex to have a greater area of support. A layer or lining of soft textile has been placed inside, which significantly improves the comfort of the hand.

Latex: AXG Formula 3mm

Wrap thumb for larger grip area.

Closure: wristband composed of frequent neoprene in the backhand the back and on the side of the palm has elastic for greater adjustment in the inner area of the wrist.

Wristband: is replaced the double turn strap with a composite, on the palm area it has embossed latex to act as an extended palm and is attached to a textile piece by an elastic that allows to adjust according to the preferences. Customizable window.

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