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315.00 AED

  • FP+T – Removable FINGER+ THUMB Protection
  • GRIP – 4mm: TURF Approved All Weather Contact + Latex
  • INTERNAL SILICONE GRIP– Larger Silicone Bumps
  • PALM– Roll Finger (Gun Cut)
  • WRIST- Double Elastic Wrist Strap
  • BACKHAND– Lightweight All-Weather Composite Synthetic
  • FIT– Medium Fitting Glove
  • Weather – All Weather Glove & Grip
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GRIP : This glove features 4mm All-Weather German Supreme Plus Latex. It is excellent in any condition and will require slight wetting of the glove in dry conditions for optimal performance. The inside of the glove has Dynamic Grip, which when warm adheres to your hand to help prevent the glove from moving or shifting.

PALM : This Glove features Roll Finger palm cut. Designed to make impact with the ball and stop its spin faster than any other Palm Style.  Roll Finger is made from using 2 pieces of latex stitched together with the middle two fingers.  Due to this is on the average to lower side of durability of the palm and should be dried after each use and taken care of to prevent palm tearing.

WRIST: Often called a Boxer Strap, the Double Elastic Wrist strap provides maximum snugness. Make sure to go looser on the first wrap and snugger on the second to prevent cutting off circulation.  This is one of the most popular wrist straps today.

BACKHAND: Built for Rain or Shine – the all-weather composite backhand won’t soak up water or get heavy when it rains, it also won’t get overly hot from sunshine and provides increased durability. 

FINGER PROTECTION:  Featuring Guardian Finger and Thumb Protection with a removable pocket to take them out if you do not need them!

WEATHER : Built for Rain or Shin, Turf or Grass- this is designed for every condition and for use on multiple playing conditions.

FIT : Medium fitting backhand with precise fitting fingers, the glove will open up a bit after use.  If you remove the finger protection the glove will immediately open up half a size.

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