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315.00 AED

  • NEW 4mm i1 latex
  • Negative cut
  • Negative thumb
  • Midsplit® strap system
  • Elasticated wrist entry
  • Extended pull loop
  • Echo Form™ internal grip system
  • X-Wrap Control™ palm & thumb wrap
  • Padded & comfortable Wind-Block body
  • D-FLEX™ punch shield
  • 5 x removable finger spines
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The APEX Pro series embodies everything its namesake represents. A force to be reckoned with that sits at the top of the goalkeeping food chain. An elite glove that helps unleash that raw instinct upon your six-yard box, elevating your game to the pinnacle, the peak, the APEX.

“Pro” label APEX are absolutely STACKED – throwing the very best we have at our disposal into a beast of a glove. It’s angry, hungry and feeds exclusively off success. Time to join the hunt.

It is the natural successor to the popular “SLYR” series, offering an enhanced modern feel that does not sacrifice padding or protection – achieved through fusing a material based lower with our overhauled ergonomic “D-Flex” punching zone on the upper.

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